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Light Art Studios GmbH was founded by Ole Güllich and Raphael Grebenstein. As friends and business partners we have been working together in different constellations for many years, before we made our cooperation official in 2021. In this way, we can efficiently expand on the structures already in place and combine our expertise in a constantly growing team.

Raphael Grebenstein

„As a designer, I place great value on a holistic approach to lighting and media design, set design, choreography, and camera editing. I love to keep my finger on the pulse of the latest technical developments, so I can always take advantage of new possibilities and explore the limits of technical design“


Ole Güllich

„As a technical planner as well as a designer, I like to keep my eye on the big picture. My passion for all things technical, combined with a large portion of creativity, allows me to take a careful and proactive approach to my work, which our customers greatly appreciate.“


Lucas Hoyer

„What drives me is creating lasting impressions. When people return home happy and customers are thrilled, I am too. I enjoy accompanying productions on the way from the initial idea to realization, making the vision a reality.“