rendering Light Art Pre-Production


To ensure that everything runs smoothly and effortlessly on the day of the show, weeks of pre-production are often required—depending on the type and size of the event. Event technology is becoming increasingly complex in all trades, so the foundations are laid for a successful event in the pre-production phase.

We offer a holistic approach that includes all services from the very first high-resolution design draft to on-site implementation. By arrangement, we can also provide individual sub-services from our range of services for designers, technical service providers, or production companies.


Good ideas want to be sold. Good designs help with this. We create high-resolution renderings of our designs that make a strong impression and give realistic insight into the planned show in advance. With the help of the software Depence², we create photorealistic renderings in the form of a photo, video, or dynamic camera tour through a location, which will make the event come alive in advance.

Expert Planning

There are certain places where you don’t want any surprises. Production sets are certainly one of these. That’s why we also work out our expert planning designs using VectorWorks software, which effectively frees up personnel resources at agencies and technical service providers. We deliver precise CAD planning, lighting compartment planning, including addressing, as well as video compartment planning. We hand these plans over to the technical service provider for seamless cooperation. In this way, we avoid planning errors and reduce communication effort.


During pre-programming, we create a complete 3D model. Thanks to the efficient work carried out in the pre-programming studio, time and financial expenses are reduced by reducing the rental period for venues and equipment. Pre-programming also enables a preview of the programmed show and gives clients a direct say in the design process. Planning errors can be avoided and design ideas can undergo some initial practical testing.