rendering Light Art Pre-Production


The design of a show is the very heart of our artistic work. Skillful lighting design allows desired moods to emerge effortlessly and blends seamlessly into the overall design. We create international-looking, modern designs with structure that do justice to the essence of the event and stay within budget. We are happy to incorporate any existing artwork or branding into our design.

Light Design

Our designs fit harmoniously into the overall production design and convey the desired moods. We provide camera-ready, elegant static looks as well as punchy, dynamic looks. We are happy to integrate new types of spotlights and use every possibility afforded by state-of-the-art technology to give every show that certain something. However, it’s not all about our lighting designs. There’s also room for LED video elements, projections, special effects, or pyrotechnics—depending on what best supports the show in question.

Production Design

As production designers or creative directors, we use every possibility at our disposal to ensure that projects are successful in every way and inspire people. Our holistic approach focuses on our clients’ goals, around which all technical aspects are consistently arranged to create a coherent overall impression.