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Light Art Studios
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stylish, modern lighting design from Hamburg. From the initial rendering to professional realization, we support organizers, artists, agencies, and event service providers with our wealth of expertise. We plan, design, and implement high-level productions of all kinds and sizes in the fields of TV/broadcasting, concert/touring, corporate/special events, film/advertising, and exhibitions.




In the modern world of events, good preparation is at the heart of everything. That’s why we offer comprehensive technical planning, look after technical communication with further service providers, and pre-program everything, so our customers ultimately have more time for the essential things—a great, smooth show.



We are creative minds who like to push the boundaries of what is possible. With lighting and media design, we ensure an all-round harmonious overall look and emotional highlights—on television, on the concert stage, or at corporate events. We love design and look on every event as an individual work of art from the very beginning, keeping our client’s goals in mind just as much as all the other requirements.



To implement designs from a technical perspective and to coordinate them precisely to the show, you need an operator on site who knows exactly what they are doing. For this reason, we also provide the operators for shows and events from our design team, as well as for productions by other designers, agencies, or technical service providers. On request, we can equip the operators with their own consoles, media servers, and signal infrastructure.